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Length: 1 hour

Succos is a special holiday of simcha, as it is the completion of the cycle of the shalosh regalim and the Yamim Noraim. There are two mitzvos related to Succos that are halachos l’Moshe MiSinai, aspects of the Torah that cannot be explained or extrapolated from the text. Although most areas of Torah are for us to explore and derive, this area is to be taken just as it is, directly from Hashem. On the Yom Tov of Succos, we celebrate the ways that we were protected in the midbar, completely protected and supported by Hashem. No matter what human effort we put forth, we recognize that at the end of the day, it is all dependent on Hashem.


Length: 29 minutes

Succos is the completion of the Shalosh Regalim and the Yomim Noraim. We commemorate the ananei hakavod (clouds of glory) which were returned to us after the teshuva of the original Yom Kippur. On Yom Kippur, we repeat Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy many times, saying that He is kind and merciful to all of His creatures. However, on Succos we celebrate that we are the ones specifically connected to Hashem, and we reaffirm our bris with Him through teshuva, followed by succah.

Length: 11 minutes

The ushpizin of Hoshana Rabbah is Dovid Hamelech, the first king to have done teshuva. When Shlomo Hamelech wanted to open the doors of the Beis Hamikdash, they would only open in the merit of his father Dovid, showing the great significance and impact of teshuva. Although we do many sins, we learn from Dovid Hamelech about the ability to own up, and to rebuild ourselves through teshuva.

Length: 46 minutes

In this series of maamarim from Rav Yitzchok Hutner, we discuss Yerach Haeisanim—The Month of the Mighty Ones, which is Tishrei. It is called by this name because of the Avos, who were born in this month (according to many opinions). We discuss different aspects of their middos and strengths.

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