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Length: 44 minutes

Parshas Re’eh contains the explicit locations of Har Grizim and Har Evel, where Bnei Yisroel would receive blessings and curses. However, when it comes to the description of the mountain where the Beis Hamikdash would be built, there are no specific landmarks—rather, we are told to seek it out. These two models are different ways for us to come close to Hashem—through the explicit blessings and curses, or through the deeper, more subtle directive to seek Him out and form a relationship. As we approach Elul and Rosh Hashana, we should keep these models in mind, not settling for the obvious, but striving for the deeper connection.

Length: 49 minutes

The second paragraph of Shema is found in Parshas Eikev. In the first paragraph, we talk about complete mesiras nefesh, giving over everything to Hashem in a way that only a few unique individuals are capable of. In the second paragraph, we accept the yoke of mitzvos upon ourselves and discuss the concepts of reward and punishment. This aspect of serving Hashem through the mitzvos helps us to create a relationship with Hashem where we understand that our lives are completely run by Him.

Length: 49 minutes

The beginning of Parshas Re’eh discusses various laws which share the common theme of total eradication of Avodah Zarah. Even today, when the evil inclination for idol worship no longer exists, these mitzvos are still relevant. As long as man feels accountable to any social pressure, people, or his own inclination, his total accountability to Hashem is eroded.

Length: 47 minutes

While the locations of Har Grizim and Har Evel are explicitly described, the location of Har Habayis is left for us to find. The place of the Beis Hamikdash is undefined, and Avraham Avinu is the first to discover it. When we daven, we turn to the place of the mikdash. It is important for a person to establish a specific place for prayer. One who does so is considered to be a student of Avraham Avinu, who was the original one to find the place of kedusha. In Beis El, Avraham brought down the presence of Hashem. Through our tefillah, which is a creative act, we try to do the same, bringing Hashem down onto this world.

Length: 32 minutes

In this 8 part series, we discuss the life of Rav Yissachar Shlomo Teichtal, a prominent Rav and Talmid Chacham in Hungary who was murdered by the Nazis. While on the run during the second World War, he wrote a riveting work analyzing the current state of Klal Yisrael, the events of the Holocaust and the return to Eretz Yisroel.

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