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Length: 54 minutes

In the beginning of Parshas Beha’aloscha, Aharon is commanded to light the menorah. Hashem does not need the light-He is the source of all light in the world! However, it is important for us to take the initiative, and take the beginning steps in order to bring Hashem’s presence down to the world. When learning Torah, which is compared to light, Hashem gave us the ability to determine what it is saying, and it is our job to make proper use of this “light”.

Length: 59 minutes

The story of the misavim, people who desired meat, is hard to understand, as Bnei Yisroel were fed mann, which could taste like anything they wanted. However, the mann was a spiritual food, and they felt that they could not be satisfied physically. Yet when they complained about the spiritual sustenance, they were rejecting Hashem and the possibility for a deeper connection to Him. We strive to satisfy the spiritual, but acknowledge our physical limitations as we work to attain loftier levels.

Length: 56 minutes

When Miriam got tzaraas (leprosy) after speaking improperly about Moshe Rabbeinu, he davened for her to be healed. Health is one of the most common things that we pray for. There is a balance between taking medication and going to doctors to get healed, while recognizing that the Ultimate Healer is only Hashem. It is proper for us to take human measures to guard our health, but we must never lose sight of the One Who is in charge of it all.

Length: 40 minutes

In Sefer Bamidbar, there are two separate censuses: once counting the generation that left Mitzrayim, and one counting the generation that would enter into Eretz Yisroel. These two separate generations reflect different levels of connecting with Hashem, as expressed in the verses that bridge the gap between the two. When we are close to Hashem and connected to Him, we will merit miracles and our enemies will fall before us. However, when we distance ourselves, we are not worthy of the same level of closeness and protection.

Length: 55 minutes

Moshe Rabbeinu had the crown of Torah, and had to separate from his wife because of his unique level of prophecy. In order to have the crown of Torah, a person needs to focus all of his energy and passion in Torah learning. The same building blocks for creating a very close connection with Hashem, are also the fundamentals of relationships in this world. It is important for a person to develop relationships, both inter personally and religiously.

Length: 1 hour 1 minute

Moshe made two trumpets to sound in order to inform Bnei Yisroel about traveling or the need to assemble. The mitzvah of davening in a time of crisis is learned from the used of trumpets to call out in times of crisis. In times of trouble, we pray together in a loud outcry. However, we are also obligated to pray regularly, in a private, quiet manner unlike the loud call of the trumpets.

In this series of shiurim, we learn the fundamental sefer of Rav Moshe Chaim Luzzato (the Ramchal), Derech Hashem, which contains many basic, deep hashkafos in a clear manner, building a strong foundation in order to understand the ways of Hashem in whatever capacity we are able to comprehend.

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